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The Raptor Trail

            The Raptor Trail has been slowly and quietly plotting its course over the last 25 years. Founding members John Meyer and Matthew Mayes had been kicking around the idea of recording something together for decades. Finally in 2014, the planets aligned and the idea actually transcended into a studio recording project which later came to be called The Raptor Trail. The Raptor Trail was actually the first song that Meyer and Mayes wrote together for the project, and it snowballed from there, with “Gravity x Ten” following, and then ten more songs over the course of the next year.

            Considering the musical backgrounds of Meyer and Mayes, one might not think the styles would mesh. Meyer coming from a harder edged, heavier guitar style; highlighted by the fact that he tunes his guitar in “D.” And, Mayes coming from more of a progressive bluegrass, jamrock background; highlighted by an instrument called a Guijo ( Half Strat, Half Banjo, tuned in open G) But in reality, quite the opposite occurred. Not only did the styles mesh, but their melodic interplay and vast, yet different, musical influences pushed one another out of their respective comfort zones. The result was the creation of some of the most prolific, diverse, and conviction fused progressive rock music ever heard.

            Before the project could be completed however, there was needed one addition. Gene Bass, long time musical companion with Meyer and Mayes, was brought on to play all drums and percussion. Gene Bass and John Meyer grew up together in Macon, Ga., playing in a number of bands together starting back in 1980. Adding to this storied history is the fact that Mayes and Bass played together for 12 years in pioneer Jamrock band Jupiter Coyote which went on to sell  well over half a million records. Adding yet more history to the story is the fact that Meyer and Mayes were roommates back in those days and Meyer was actually the first sound man in that band. Meyer is also the person that came up with the name Jupiter Coyote.

            So the evolving path that has lead to The Raptor Trail has taken many turns and twists over the years. But, it has somehow reunited a great and long lasting friendship between three individuals who share a unique musical chemistry and history. The music has largely been recorded in each member’s home studio. Then, simply passing the files back and forth over the internet and ultimately back to Meyer who has been the mastermind behind the production and mixing. The self titled album is digitally distributed through Red Eye World Wide distribution and avail at all major digital outlets including i-Tunes, Google Music, and Amazon. Physical CDs are available through CD Baby and feature alternate mixes as well as a bonus track entitled “32.” Take a walk upon The Raptor Trail.

The Raptor Trail Track Listing:

  • The Raptor Trail
  • Gravity Times Ten
  • Truk
  • Smaller Than You
  • Look Outside
  • Come & See
  • Pawn
  • Wilma
  • Amorous
  • 32
  • Now

The Raptor Trail is:

Gene H. Bass- Drums, Percussion

Matthew B. Mayes- Lead Vocals, Backing vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Banjo, Guijo

John M. Meyer- Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, G strings, Background vocals, Effects



MBM Entertainment

269 Riversedge Rd

Brevard, NC 28172


828 553-8571



The Raptor Trail

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