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Buy one get one free. DESCRIPTION: Provides deep cleansing activity of the skin and coat. A non-drying formula that deodorizes and acts rapidly and persistently against a wide range of micro-organisms. For dogs, cats and horses. Dog & Cat Shampoo :: 4% Chlorhexidine Medicated Pet Shampoo :: Formulated to Relieve Painful Skin Infections, Safe & Gentle, Comes in Recycled Package, Made in USA, 12 Oz. by JC Merch. Maximum Strength for Real Relief: Few things are as pitiful as itchy pups. Coyote Critters Pet Shampoo contains 4% Chlorhexidine, the highest concentration of anti-itch help without a prescription. Active Ingredient Fights Infections: Vet-recommended & proven effective,* Chlorhexidine Gluconate attacks disease-causing bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold & viruses. Helps relieve your pet's pain & itch. Gently Deep Cleanses Your Cat or Dog: This deodorizing dog & cat shampoo goes down deep to effectively remove harmful germs, grime & stinky smells. Leaves your pet clean & fresh, with silky, glossy fur. Safe, Nontoxic, Non-Drying: Feel free to use your Coyote Critters cat & dog shampoo on pets with sensitive skin. So gentle it won't even irritate a puppy. Has a light, pleasing blueberry fragrance. Quality-Crafted in America: Forget those iffy pet shampoos made in some unknown spot overseas. Your Coyote Critters Shampoo for Dogs & Cats is manufactured to strictest standards right here in the USA.INDICATIONS: A deodorizing shampoo that helps fight against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold and viruses. Available in 12 oz. Strong enough for a Coyote, but made for your pet.

Coyote Critters Max Chlorhexidine Shampoo, 12 oz buy one get one free.

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